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"Android Package Deployer"

  • Supports the latest Android SDK 4!
  • Download Androind SDK packages locally
  • Selectively download packages
  • Install packages as many times as you want without connecting to the web
  • Copy the offline files and deploy on other machines
  • Released under the GPL license
  • APD (Android Package Downloader) is FREE! and not just that, you can also download the source-code and modify it as you like as long as you follow the terms & conditions specified in the license agreement.
  • APD is released under the GPL license. Click here to read the details

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pre-requisite software

Download installer (EXE, 783KB)
Download executable(ZIP, 714KB)
Download executable(ZIP, 4411KB)

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step-by-step tutorial

Go through the tutorial to easily install everything required to start your Android development.


comment icon Sid on June 24 2012
Have you tried downloading the file separately using a download manager? Met me see if I can put up the file for you.

comment icon Shaun on June 15 2012
...continued. As the file\\\'s size is nearly 90 MB (which seems quite big for my connection), I can\\\'t download it in one go and so I am using a downloader to download it. But it is corrupting the its SHA1. Therefore could you please unpack the sysimg_armv7a-15_r02.zip (http://dl.google.com/android/repository/sysimg_armv7a-15_r02.zip) file and pack it into a .rar file and protect the archive (Alt+P) and post it so that I can download without the SHA1 doesn\\\'t get corrupted.

comment icon Shaun on June 15 2012
A BIG thankyou to you. Very happy with your software Sid. :) I succesfully installed SDK Platform 4.03. Your software has helped me because I am currently using a very unreliable and S-L-O-W internet connection which keeps on getting disconnected and I want to keep the files for future installations. Well Bro, could you please do me a help. You see I am trying to download the sysimg_armv7a-15_r02.zip file...continued

comment icon Siddharth on May 28 2012
Each file listed ends with the version and revision number e.g. Android SDK Platform 1.6_r2. The number before the _r2 is the version and the number after the \\\\\\\'r\\\\\\\' is the revision. Links have been fixed, thanks for pointing out!

comment icon twinsen on May 26 2012
Could you add the revision number for the SDK platform images (see the sdk:revision tag)? I needed a specific revision (>=2) and I still had to look in the xml file to find out what it was.The source code zip link does not work, could you add a valid link?The exe zip link does not work (perhaps remove it?)

comment icon twinsen on May 26 2012
The url you are using is no longer valid, you might consider changing it to:https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/repository-5.xmlSuddenly the old url started working, but it only has platform-tools and tools.

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